My Health Crisis?

I had a diagnostic laparoscopy for severe pain in my stomach on 8/04/2014. The surgeon found Grade 4 endometriosis and gave me three options: (1) doing nothing and continue current pain medication, (2) going on GnRH analogues for two years, or (3) having total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH), bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO: removal of both overies) +/- bowel surgery.He reckons the surgery is too risky, so I decided to give the hormone injection a go. I had the first injection last week. The injection has numerous side effects including all the discomforts women experience when we go through menopause, but it should be better than having that pain again and go back to the emergency department on the weekend.


Well, it was bad enough, but I now have cataract on my left eye! Thinking the previous condition had return, I went to see the GP, then the specialist at hospital. Although a scan confirmed that there was no swelling found at the back of my eye, the steroid injections I had on my eye has caused cataract. It fixed one condition but brought another problem. Fortunately or unfortunately, my condition was assessed not bad enough to qualify for a free surgery. I know that the only cure for cataract is a surgery, so I now have to save $3,000. (Oh, the laparoscopy and the treatment are subsided, thanks goodness! I had to pay $5 for the injection plus $17 to see the GP for a prescription, then $10 to get it injected on my hip by a nurse. I need to wiggle my toes while getting the injection! -- please try this and see how hard it is when you also have to put both hands on a bed...)


One good news though. Because unusually high blood pressure were recorded at the surgery, I had to see my GP for that. She recommended a hypnotherapy but it will cost $120 for the initial consultation, as this is not subsided. When I had to see her to get the injection, she took my blood pressure and it was too low! She had to do it twice to make sure. So, no medication for high blood pressure is required. Hurray! Having lost a few kilos must had brought something good. Now it is a matter of how long I can keep doing this...


In spite of these health problems, I am pain free, just a slightly uncomfortable. Not nice to get old when everything becomes "age-related"...